Made With Love Market

Made with Love Market

Date: Sunday, April 27th

Time: 7am-11am

Location: 388 N. Gilbert Rd., Gilbert AZ

A Family Friendly Market featuring trendy, handmade, and local items curated and made with love. Located in downtown Gilbert.

388 N. Gilbert Rd.
Gilbert AZ

Spring Things Market

Spring Things Market

Spring Things Market

Date: Sunday, April 14th

Time: 8am-1pm

Location: The Farm at South Mountain, 6106 S. 32nd St., Phoenix AZ

Come join Pink Camel Boutique at this Sunday’s Spring Things Market in Phoenix!

The Farm at South Mountain

6106 S. 32nd St.
Phoenix AZ 85018


Teaspressa First Sunday’s Pop Up

Teaspressa First Sunday’s Pop Up

Date: Sunday, April 7th

Time: 10-2pm

Location: Teaspressa 4628 E. Indian School Rd. Phoenix Az 85018

Come celebrate Teaspressa’s 1-year Anniversary in Arcadia! Come Sip & Shop this Sunday with Pink Camel Boutique! See you there!

4628 E. Indian School Rd.
Phoenix AZ 85018


Teaspressa Sip & Shop

Date: Sunday, February 10th

Time: 10-2pm

Location: Teaspressa 4628 E. Indian School Rd. Phoenix Az 85018

Come celebrate Teaspressa Valentines Sip & Shop, Enjoy discounts on food and drinks while shopping local Artists.

4628 E. Indian School Rd.
Phoenix AZ 85018

Made With Love

Made With Love

Date: Saturday, February 9th

Time: 9-1pm

Location: 388 N.Gilbert Rd., Gilbert, AZ

A family friendly market featuring trendy, handmade, and local items curated and made with love. Located in downtown Gilbert.
Saturday February 9th from 9-1pm

Rhodochrosite_ The Stone of Love

The Stone of Love – Rhodochrosite Metaphysical Properties

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, I thought it was the perfect time to learn more about Rhodochrosite and stone, also known as the stone of love. Rhodochrosite jewelry is known for its rosy pink hues. It can range from a pale pink to a darker raspberry tone.

Also called the stone of the compassionate heart, this charming love stone helps bring joy to oneself, helps to heal old wounds, and helps to love oneself and others unconditionally.

History of Rhodochrosite

Rhodochrosite, known as Rosa del Inca or Inca Rose, was found in pre-Colombian silver mines back in the 13th century. At that time, the area was known as Tahuantinsuyo and was located within the Inca Empire. Viracocha or Inca Ripac, an Incan ruler during that time, took credit for discovering the lovely crystals within the mine.

Incans believed the beautiful deep pink-red deposits were actually the crystallized blood of their ancient rulers. As the Incan Empire declined, they abandoned the mines which remained untouched for about seven hundred years. During this time, rhodochrosite stalactites and stalagmites formed in the mine and grew to be enormous.

rhodochrosite1That same rhodochrosite deposit began to be mined again in 1937 by a German geologist by the name of Franz Mansfield. He had about 10,000 pounds of rhodochrosite extracted and used for creating jewelry.

According to a legend, there is a deep cave underneath the Andes Mountains where a huge heart-shaped rhodochrosite boulder is located. This boulder is thought to be the heart of Mother Earth. The locals believe the boulder, or Mother Earth’s heart, beats only once every two hundred years. They keep the boulder well-protected.

Rhodochrosite is a manganese carbonate mineral that often forms with thin creamy white, pale pink, tan, or brown stripes. The white or pink stripes are usually crystalline manganocalcite formations, although occasionally they are layers of chalcedony. Deep brown stripes are layers of a zinc-rich material known as capilliite.

Rhodochrosite Meaning

Rhodochrosite symbolizes love of all kinds. Love of oneself, love of others, spiritual love, love of Mother Earth, and universal love all echo the meaning of rhodochrosite. This deep pink to red gemstone resonates with the heart to promote the love.


It helps to heal old wounds so that you can love yourself again and feel worthy of the love of others. This beautiful deep pink stone is perfect for finding and renewing old love, and making a new loved one feel confident in the relationship.

This is a special stone to me as it is one I kept close at hand before my mother passed. When I wore it, it reminded me of the love we shared as mother and daughter. I also kept it as a reminder to love myself during the hard times. No matter the love that you are seeking help with, keeping a piece of Rhodochrosite near you will surely remind you that love is everywhere!

I hope you enjoyed learning more about Rhodochrosite healing properties and its beautiful meaning. Make sure to check out our pieces with this beautiful pink stone in them.