The Amazing Gaspeite Healing Properties

Amazing Gaspeite Healing Properties

Let’s face it, we all adore a good gemstone! Aside from their mesmerizing colors and the way they dazzle when paired with even the most simple outfits, every gemstone has some spiritual properties you can benefit from.

We already shared the secrets of the healing powers of turquoise, so this time we are going green. Gaspeite is a very rare, dreamy green stone and, when worn against your body, its “vibrations” can help you heal in more ways than one.

So, allow us to let you in on this little secret, and tell you all about the healing properties of Gaspeite.

What’s Gaspeite anyway?

Gaspeite is a gorgeous gemstone, but is not widely used. Maybe because it’s so rare! It can be found in only two locations in the world, Canada and Australia, and now both deposits are drained, so the only way to find it is to look for a collector and see if they’re selling. Its apple green color is mesmerizing, but it also comes in colors that range from light green to yellow-green.

Gaspeite is opaque in its natural state, and with some brownish veining. You’ll most likely meet it in its translucent form – the gemstone is dazzling, and magically combines with almost any outfit. Really, if you have a necklace with a Gaspeite pendant, it almost looks like you have a real charm dangling around your neck, delicate and dainty, it’s like your own magical piece.

Since it’s a soft gemstone, you should store it separately and wrap in a soft cloth, in order to prevent any unwanted scratches. This is also why you should not wear it if you’ll be exerting yourself physically. Cleaning it is fairly easy – just use a soft cloth and some soapy water (but make sure you rinse the cloth out of all the soap residue first!).

Using Gaspeite For Healing

Before we begin, let me quickly tell you how to use Gaspeite. To get all the amazing Gaspeite benefits (and there are a lot of them!) you will need to keep it close to your body. This can be in the form of a necklace, pendant, or maybe even a pair of earrings.

Now, let me explain what Gaspeite can do for you!

Gaspeite For Physical Health

One of the best things about this gemstone is its healing power. The energy Gaspeite will bring to your life is deeply spiritual. This is why with Gaspeite you’ll find yourself emboldened to live your full life in the real world, but never lose sight of the spiritual perspective. This is a stone whose vibrations carry healing attributes. It’s been used to aid the treatment of lung disorders, asthma, bronchitis, and allergies to plants and pollen.

Gaspeite For Losing Weight

It’s said that wearing this gemstone can aid with losing weight, especially if you’ve tried a diet regimen before and did not like the results. Gaspeite can aid in activating the gallbladder, which encourages the body to break down fat from your intestines, so it might increase your metabolism too.

To get the most out of Gaspeite’s weight loss properties, you might try to combine it with Green Tourmaline, Heulandite, Rainforest Jasper, or Yellow Apatite.

Another thing this gemstone is particularly good for is helping to determine what foods your body actually needs. So, if you have trouble figuring out if you’re eating just because you’re bored, rather than hungry, this gemstone can help you with that!

Gaspeite and Your Mental Wellbeing

This, to me, is the most important and amazing property of Gaspeite jewelry and stones. This gemstone’s vibrations can help you let go of things you no longer need and that hinder you, instead of serving you.

Having this stone on your body also helps expand your consciousness, and that way you can begin to feel much more aware of how you need to live your life, instead of focusing on how you should live it  –  these shoulds and idealized images have a very negative effect on all of us, therefore, getting rid of them is definitely a good thing!

This gorgeous green stone can prevent you from slipping back into old habits you want to get rid of, and it can also increase your awareness of the world, so you can clearly see every situation you previously overlooked.

A lot of us will have some trouble with hoarding at one point or another – this can be a problem of too many shoes and purses, or even keeping old emotions and grudges well and alive when they really do more harm than good. Gaspeite’s vibrations can help you release yourself from these attachments. It’s really good at clearing all the emotional clutter we gather throughout our lives.

Have you heard of the inner child? Each of us has one  –  that’s a part of our personalities that’s amazed and excited about the smallest things in life, but it’s also very fragile and can be sent into a crying fit, when we get too stressed. Gaspeite can help you heal your own inner child and even help awaken it. Once that happens, you’ll drop that veil of sadness and cynicism, and see life like it really is  –  brilliant and magical!

Just like helping your inner child, Gaspeite can help bring you feelings of serenity and acceptance when you’re in some kind of turmoil. This is amazing  –  especially because our lives are filled with so much work and stress, that we hardly have time to catch a breath!

I can hardly believe myself how much good this tiny little stone carries! I think we all suffer from at least one of the maladies Gaspeite can heal, whether it’s emotional clutter, pesky allergies, or an unhappy inner child.

At Pink Camel, you can find Native American jewelry inlaid with gemstones, and each of them can help your spiritual wellbeing in some way. All you have to do is choose the one you need, and leave us a comment below about your experience!


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