Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide

Good morning to you all! We are almost halfway through November, so what better time than now to show you some of my favorite items from our very first Holiday Gift Guide!

What kind of shopper are you? Already done shopping for the Holidays? Maybe you are waiting for Black Friday deals? Or are you one of the waits until the last-minute types of person?

Personally, I’m a combination of the last two. I love waiting for a good deal, and that sometimes means I’m last minute shopping. This year I hope to have you, as well as myself, prepared for an easy, fun holiday season. I’ve listed my favorite items that make the perfect gift for this season. These gift items range from $16-$250, so there really is something for everyone. Check them out, and let me know which ones are your favorites in the comments below.

The first item is so festive and represents a perfect gift topper, stocking stuffer, white elephant gift, hostess gift, wine topper, and the best part is that it is just as good on its own! These copper ornaments are handmade in Scottsdale, AZ, and at only $16 each, they are a steal!

copper ornamentsNext on my list are our sterling silver and turquoise post earrings. With a variety of styles, you’ll surely find something for anyone. And they are a perfect, budget-friendly gift, only $25 each.

Our White Buffalo Turquoise earrings simply go great with anything. These slabs are very lightweight which makes them easy to wear, plus the White Buffalo Turquoise is very on trend right now! The white and black veining of the stone makes it easy to pair with various jewelry pieces as well as any outfit. Our small White Buffalo Turquoise slabs are $20 each and the larger ones are $25 each.Boulder Turquoise Slab

New to the shop, the Boulder Turquoise Slab earrings represent the ideal gift for any fashion-conscious individual out there. Mined in Nevada, this type of Turquoise displays an earthy brown tone with the beautiful turquoise blue we know. Our Boulder Turquoise Slab earrings are $25 each.White Buffalo Turquoise

Our inlay pendants are truly a work of art. Each piece is hand created from well-known Navajo Silversmiths and inlaid by Native American artisans with the finest gemstones, and no two pieces are the same. From Turquoise to Lapis and Opal, from feathers, hearts, horses to cacti, we have it all, and we got you covered. There is sure to be a piece for that special someone in your life.

inlay pendantsThis next item I’ve written about before. It is one of my favorites to wear, especially because of its versatility. Our suede and Turquoise wraps are made of genuine suede and Sleeping Beauty Turquoise. The wraps are available in black, brown, and tan, and are $30 each.

suede and Turquoise wrapsOur Turquoise slab earrings are available in many sizes, and their prices range from $35-$60. Earrings always make a great gift in my book. Turquoise jewelry is one of those multipurpose gifts that compliments every outfit. Turquoise is known as the master healer, and when worn as jewelry, it protects you, anywhere you go.

Turquoise slab earringsThis next item carries impeccable detail for the art lover in your life. The Mosaic slab earrings are inlaid with Turquoise, Apple Coral, mother-of-pearl, Jasper and Jet Black. With the price of $50 each, it is surely an excellent gift for an art enthusiast in your life!

Mosaic slab earringsOur Navajo Cuffs made of sterling silver are a great addition to any outfit, and therefore a magnificent gift for everyone. Sizes vary, and prices range from $85-$265.

Navajo CuffsThese Turquoise slab pendants are showstoppers. They are made from genuine stabilized Turquoise and are enhanced with a sterling silver bail. Grab them as soon as you can, you won’t regret it! They are $75 each

Turquoise slabThanks for checking out my Holiday Gift Guide, and happy shopping!


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