What Is Sterling Silver 925?

What Is Sterling Silver 925_

Hi, everyone! Today I want to share a secret – all silver is not created equal. You’ve probably seen some sterling silver jewelry left unmarked and other pieces stamped with the words like sterling , sterling or 925. Ever wondered what these mean?

Read on to find out all about 925 sterling silver and what it really means when you hear ‘pure 925 sterling silver.’

What is real sterling silver 925?

Let’s start with clearing one thing up – is there a difference between sterling silver and 925 silver? Well, the answer is – no, there is no difference. Both terms signify the same silver alloy, often used in jewelry.

No matter how in love with silver you are, you will never be able to wear pure silver. This is because silver, in its pure form, is too soft a metal for jewelry making. That is why pure silver is combined with other metals, to help make it durable and long-lasting.

The magic number here is 925. This means that your jewelry is made up of 92.5% pure silver, and 7.5% of other metals (these are often copper, nickel or zinc). The result of this combination is 925 sterling silver. Various countries have their own standards when it comes to sterling silver. For example, in the USA, the strict standard for quality silver is a 92.5% purity. However, in France, the standard for sterling silver is 95%.

Each piece of jewelry made of sterling silver will have a mark (a hallmark) stamped somewhere on it. The 925 hallmark, for example, denotes the percentage of silver in your jewelry and is a sure sign of quality. Other marks you can find stamped on your (real) silver are STER, STG, SS, or sterling silver. In case your jewelry is unstamped, you might want to take a closer look at it. It might not be real silver at all.

Is sterling silver worth It?

At Pink Camel, we use only the best sterling silver for our jewelry, so when asked is sterling silver worth it, we proudly answer yes!

If you want a necklace that will last for years and never lose its shine, you should choose sterling silver, instead of wasting your time and money on fake knickknacks. Its value may even increase over time!

Many jewelers might try to pass off fake silver for the real deal, but don’t be duped. You should be careful about silver plated jewelry. Those pieces may look and feel just like silver, but once they start tarnishing and flaking, you’ll end up with nothing but disappointment.

Truth be told, there is nothing worse than finding that perfect silver bracelet and discovering you’ve been tricked into thinking it was silver only after it starts to blacken and flake! So, here are some quick tests you can do to check if what you have, or what you’re buying is pure 925 sterling silver.

How to identify sterling silver 925?

If you’re anything like me and want to know exactly what material your jewelry is made of, you can use several techniques to identify the real 925 sterling silver.

  1. It will always have marks

This one’s easy because real sterling silver will always have a mark (STER, STG, SS, Sterl, 925, or sterling silver) in a fairly hidden place. If you can’t find any markings on your jewelry, be wary of it – it might not be a quality piece.

  1. Real 925 sterling silver shouldn’t smell

The easiest and quickest test you can do is the smell test. If your sterling silver is real, it should be odorless. If, however, it does smell, it means there’s too much copper in it and your jewelry, while pretty, is likely fake.

  1.  Magnets have no effect on it

Another easy way to see if your jewelry is made of pure 925 sterling silver is to use a magnet. A magnet should not have any effect on silver. Just like gold and platinum, real silver will not budge when you hover a magnet near it. If your jewelry reacts to a magnet, it’s sadly not real.

  1. No black marks on a soft white cloth

What you need for this test is only a soft white cloth. Rub the jewelry with it, and if, once you’re done, you find black marks on the cloth, you can be sure the silver is real. This sounds weird, I know – who’d want your silver to stain?! Well, this happens only because air exposure causes real sterling silver to oxidize and that is the reason behind the black marks on your cloth.

Hopefully, you’ve found all the necessary information about sterling silver in this blog. We hate to see anyone disappointed with the quality of their jewelry, so that’s why at Pink Camel we use only real sterling silver. Check out our store – we are sure you’ll find something to fall in love with!


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