The Healing Powers of Turquoise

Hello, everyone! Who else out there is always on the hunt for natural remedies? Whether it be food, herbs, oils or even gemstones. While I do believe in Western Medicine I feel there are many more natural ways to aid our everyday wellness and health. Working with so many varieties of gemstones has opened my eyes to their healing properties. I’d like to share a little more about one of my favorites – Turquoise, and there is so much more to it than just a pretty color!

turquoise arrowhead

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First, a Little Bit About Turquoise

The Turquoise stone has a prominent place in Native American culture. The Sleeping Beauty Turquoise from Arizona was found way back during the Anasazi times. Turquoise beads have even been found at the Chaco Canyon Site, and they’ve been dated back to before 900 A. D. People of the Southwest have used this stone for centuries!

Even farther back, 7000 years ago, Turquoise was used among many different cultures – from the Mesopotamians, the Aztecs, to the Ancient Egyptians, to the Chinese. You might say that Turquoise is one of the most popular and significant stones in history!

Today, there are many Turquoise mines around the world. Turquoise deposits can be found in Chile, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, Iran, China, and others. In the USA, Turquoise mines are in Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, and Utah. My favorite stone, the Sleeping Beauty Turquoise, is extracted from the mine of the same name in Arizona. The most amazing thing about it is that it has a gorgeous blue of the summer skies and hardly any webbing!

sleeping beauty turquoise

Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Stones

Now, when it comes to the healing properties of Turquoise, some healers believe that they are stronger in more greenish stones, like Tibetan Turquoise or Nevada Turquoise. They say that the green of this stone has a different kind of vibration to it, so it’s more useful when you want to clear your throat chakra from blockages or when you want to unleash all the suppressed self-expression you’ve been keeping bottled up. In any case, Turquoise stones do have some fantastic healing properties, no matter which stone you choose!

How to Use Turquoise for Healing

Before I tell you what Turquoise can be used for, I just want to make a quick note on how you can use this stone.

The answer is – any way you want! Most healers and believers say that you can place the stone anywhere on your body and you can feel it working! Stone to skin contact is best, but it will work even if the stone is close to your skin (if you have Turquoise earrings, for example). Personally, I like to wear a piece of Turquoise while I meditate or practice yoga to take advantage of its healing properties.

Turquoise for Physical Healing

If you’ve ever had troubles with your immune, respiratory, digestive or skeletal system, Turquoise can give you some relief. Wearing Turquoise can help you with allergies, or even prevent tracheitis and other bronchial attacks. Some say that by healing the breath this stone can even reduce stammering!

Since Turquoise is a strengthening stone, it can enhance your psychic immune system too. It can help you fight exhaustion, panic attacks, or depression.

Detoxification is another way Turquoise can heal your physical body. If you’ve had a great night and you’re paying for it in the morning, a Turquoise stone can help detoxify you from alcohol. Apart from that, this stone can help with getting rid of other nasty things, such as pollution. And after driving on the road and being surrounded by all those fumes, who wouldn’t want some detoxification!

Turquoise for Emotional Healing

Then it comes to inner healing, mental and emotional, Turquoise is really a communication stone. It can help with fear of public speaking (and who wouldn’t want that!), and it can encourage you to become more eloquent, honest, creative and even loving.

When I look into the deep blue of the Turquoise, I immediately feel calmer, like I just dove in cold water on a hot summer day. This is no accident! Turquoise can help balance and bring you serenity and peace. Wearing it can boost your vitality, relieve stress, and help you regain your focus.

Having Turquoise close to you can assist you with all acts of purification – mostly, with purging negative energy from around you. Not only that, but wearing Turquoise jewelry promotes self-realization, creative problem solving, and it can also stabilize your mood.

If you’ve ever felt the urge to self-sabotage, Turquoise can make that vanish! It soothes the mind, and can help you see the causes of happiness and unhappiness, letting you overcome those obstacles with a clear head.

Turquoise and Chakras

If you’re interested in what Turquoise can do for your chakras, good news! This stone is associated with the Throat, or 5th, chakra – the center of communication, serenity, spiritual bonding, and creativity.

When it comes to other chakras, Turquoise can open the Heart chakra for giving and receiving love, and when placed on the Third Eye, it can enhance your intuition and help you meditate.

These are just some of the Turquoise’s amazing healing abilities. Wearing it can really lift your spirits up in so many ways. I can hardly explain the feeling of how much calmer and more creative I get to feel when I have Turquoise against my skin. I hope you’ll find that out for yourself soon!

turquoise rings

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We carry so many pieces of Native American Turquoise jewelry, I’m sure your favorite is waiting just for you. Check out our store and you’ll be ready to start your healing journey!


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