“They say a good pair of earrings will frame the beauty that was naturally given to us, our face. Our Native American sterling silver earrings are inlaid by Navajo Designers using the finest semi-precious stones. Our earrings feature designs which highlight the beauty of the Southwest. With stones like Black Jade, White Magnesite, Jasper, Opal and Turquoise there is sure to be something for everyone!

Crafted with Love.

Handcrafted in the Southwest, these earrings are inspired by Native American culture and the nature of the American Southwest. They can be right by your side, whispering the sounds of strength and might of the Southwest into your ears when you are feeling discouraged.

Discover the most subtle way of increasing your confidence and boosting the beauty you’re born with – a good pair of earring can make a real difference. Imagine what a contrast an opal stone can have with hazel eyes! Not only will you be wearing a handmade, unique jewelry, your eyes will look even more enchanting to everyone you meet.

Aside from earrings, Pink Camel Boutique can offer you Native American necklaces, rings and pendants – check out the rest of the shop!”