“From delicate chokers to statement pieces, Pink Camel Boutique is home for a variety of Native American necklaces. A necklace can make any outfit stand out that much more, and you can find your perfect match right here!

If you’re looking for a present for a unique woman filled with power and confidence (or if you are one!), a statement artisan necklace offers some spice to any style there is.

Inspired by the wilderness of the Southwest’s nature and designed by Native American artisans, these necklaces carry all the class of tradition with all the energy of modernity.

Southwest necklaces are different from any other not only because these are unique pieces, but also because they’re designed with strength and longevity in mind. The reds of the Spiny Oyster are the reds of the earth, and the blue of Turquoise is the infinite sky, every swirl within them a reminder of the invincible forces of nature.

Our Native American necklaces are made of sterling silver inlaid with: Red Spiny Oyster, Blue Lapis, Black Jade, Sleeping Beauty Turquoise and many more. Any color you need to perfect an outfit is there – at Pink Camel Boutique you can find your perfect match!

Aside from necklaces, Pink Camel Boutique can offer you Native American bracelets, sterling silver rings and earrings – check out the rest of the shop!”