“Southwest sterling silver rings can give any hand an extra flourish. Designed with a modern woman in mind, and inspired by the Native American culture, at Pink Camel Boutique our rings can provide you with that dazzling detail your outfit may be missing.

Each one of Pink Camel Boutiques Southwest rings are designed by a Native American artists, and crafted using sterling silver as the base metal and inlaid with semi-precious stones. Some of these are: Sleeping Beauty turquoise, Blue lapis, Cultured opal, Black jade, and many more.

Many of our Native American sterling silver rings are inspired by the cultural heritage and the natural beauties of the Southwest specifically from the Navajo Tribe. From ancient castles to the ever-present and inexorable nature, Pink Camel Boutique’s rings are a piece of the Southwest you can wear on your finger.

Aside from rings, Pink Camel Boutique can offer you bracelets, Native American necklaces and handmade leather jewelry – check out the rest of the shop!”