For over 10,000 years, the mystical blue turquoise gemstone has been used to create elegant jewelry with a range of colors that evoke the grand scale of the Southwest panorama. Turquoise jewelry in hues of sky blue or yellow-green pairs easily with silver, giving it a distinctive look and making design elements in Native American turquoise jewelry endlessly appealing to collectors.

Mined in North America since 900 AD, turquoise stones are symbols of prosperity, health, and love — elements that lovers of turquoise jewelry are happy to embrace.

Southwest turquoise stone jewelry is the perfect gift for those with birthdays in December, as it has long been considered the birthstone for that month. Pink Camel Boutique has many styles of silver turquoise jewelry — from turquoise rings to turquoise bracelets and earrings to necklaces — that will perfectly address those gift-giving needs.

From bohemian free spirits to more classic career looks, turquoise stone jewelry can adapt to many different wardrobe styles. Your outfit will be transformed by the beauty of the “sky stone.” Whether the simple lines of a sterling silver bracelet with turquoise stone inlay appeal to your taste or you prefer an eye-catching pair of dangling earrings decorated with turquoise beads, Pink Camel Boutique can help you accent your look.

Turquoise stone jewelry is easy to care for at home, and should never be cleaned with chemical jewelry cleaning solutions or ultrasonic methods. Instead, you can simply wipe your turquoise stone jewelry clean with a soft cloth after wearing, and wash with soapy warm water if necessary.

Owning a piece of southwestern jewelry with turquoise stone will gladden the heart of the wearer, and within Pink Camel’s wide array of turquoise stone jewelry designs and styles, you are sure to find the piece for you.