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“The boho chic look is always in fashion, and there is no better way to create that particular wardrobe vibe than with turquoise leather bracelets and chokers. No matter the decade, this is a look that is always hip.

Pink Camel Boutique offers a large selection of turquoise leather bracelets and chokers from which to create the look that best suits you. Our designers are constantly creating new combinations of turquoise stones and soft leather cord for Native American jewelry that is distinctive and affordable.

Both men and women can easily create a signature look with leather and turquoise bracelets and chokers. Dress up a favorite pair of blue jeans with a Beaded Leather Cuff on your wrist, or pair a free-flowing long skirt and boots with a Suede and Turquoise Choker. That design comes in three different colors, so one is sure to match your wardrobe. Street style photos from a recent Paris Fashion Week show many examples of models wearing stacked bracelets on both wrists, a look that is easily achieved with Southwest influenced leather jewelry.

By combining leather and turquoise, you are getting the best of two worlds — the soft yet rugged Western look of pliable leather and suede, and the traditional Native American use of turquoise and sterling silver. Turquoise is a natural stone with many mystical beliefs surrounding it. Some believe that turquoise has the power to bring rain to the arid desert, and some use the traditional stone to create a feeling of personal serenity and peace.

The wide range of colors in turquoise stones — from azure blue to seafoam green — allows the designers at Pink Camel Boutique to combine each individual stone with the leather that best complements it, creating leather turquoise chokers and bracelets that easily stand out in a crowded field. Visit Pink Camel Boutique often, to see what our talented designers come up with next!”