“The moment you enter a room full of strangers while wearing an elegant, face-framing Native American turquoise necklace, all eyes will immediately be on you. A plain outfit easily becomes a regal look when accentuated with exquisitely crafted jewelry — with the inlaid polished turquoise stone highlighted by delicate sterling silver.

At Pink Camel Boutique, we have beautifully designed turquoise stone necklaces in various styles, from the elegantly simple to the delightfully extravagant.

From the Chunky Beaded Turquoise Necklace to the array of Turquoise Strands, you are certain to find a look that blends with your image. The turquoise strand necklaces are available in single, double, or multi-strand styles, perfect for any mood. At Pink Camel Boutique, our necklaces are all made from top quality materials, heirlooms in the making that you will wear again and again.

Many of our real turquoise necklaces are designed as a part of a set, with matching earrings. Think of the variety this allows — depending on your mood, you could wear the matching set for maximum impact, wear just the necklace at times, or perhaps only the earrings by themselves. Versatile jewelry at its best!

Turquoise stones are an important part of the history of the Southwest. Found naturally in many parts of the Four Corners area, turquoise was used for both ritual and adornment by Native Americans. Wearing a Native American turquoise necklace connects you to a grand Southwestern tradition of art and design, that we are proud to help you connect with.

Enjoy browsing through our selection of genuine turquoise necklaces — our own unique designs are eye-catching and handcrafted. We hope you share our sense of pride in our dazzling turquoise necklaces. The perfect piece is just waiting for you — shop today, and enjoy your new exquisite piece of jewelry for years to come!”