“Vintage is all the rage throughout the fashion and design world, and here at Pink Camel Boutique, we are excited to be a part of this stylish retro movement. Our company is based in Arizona, which gives us the advantage to scout out incredible vintage pieces of Native American jewelry from longtime collectors and offer them up directly to you. These are often vintage pieces that have been hidden from public view for years!

For decades, travelers to the Southwest have sought out vintage sterling silver turquoise jewelry in small retail spots along the famous Route 66 highway, hoping to find a bargain on a famed vintage piece like a squash blossom necklace or a heavy conch belt. You can start your own vintage collection today, with the stunning pieces like the Vintage Sleeping Beauty Pendant Pink Camel offers.

Vintage turquoise jewelry items like bracelets, rings, and earrings, are added to the chicest outfits worn on couture runways today, and your own fashion look will be equally on the mark when you add vintage turquoise and sterling silver jewelry to your wardrobe.

Each piece of vintage turquoise jewelry holds a history, each piece displays the distinct marks of the Native American craftsmen who fashioned it with their own hands. Owning a piece of vintage turquoise jewelry brings you closer to the ancient history of the Southwest region, and the long-held beliefs about the mystical qualities of the turquoise stone. Many cultures believe in the healing properties of turquoise, and that wearing turquoise jewelry will give the wearer a sense of serenity and peace.

Check back our shop often for the ever-changing inventory of exciting vintage Native American Turquoise Jewelry. Newly discovered vintage jewelry is coming in daily, and you just never know when you will spot the perfect turquoise piece that calls your name. With Pink Camel, you can find the vintage turquoise jewelry of your dreams!”